Big Girl YYC

At Big Girl YYC we support Women in wellness; whether you are big in size, big in heart or big in personality! Our meetups provide a safe, judgement free space for identifying Women of all ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, religions, sexual orientation and size. Come and join the Big Girl movement in YYC!

Erin Bogle

Founder of Big Girl YYC

Erin started Big Girl YYC in July 2017 because she was tired of feeling like she didn't belong in spaces that revolved around wellness because she was a big girl. She decided that enough was enough and it was time to band together to create space for women to support each other on their wellness journies without fear of judgement. She is a lover of silliness, laughter and dedication to the belief that we are stronger together, regardless of our size. She lives in Calgary, AB with her wife, Kristie, and their two very sweet pups, Milly and Mabel!